Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sudden Changes

After spending the afternoon at a friend's for a birthday party, we stopped at the store so Hubby could run in & get some milk. I was feeling good & excited to go home & start getting out Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, due to no fault of Hubby's, what was to be a 15 min wait turned into an hour wait.

And just 10 min before Hubby returned to the van, I started getting achy. By the time he returned, I had pains in my legs & hips and was feeling lousy. That suddenly!!

I did manage to get the bare Christmas tree up, but that was it. I'm sitting here now praying for a good night's sleep. Also praying that as suddenly as my body aches came on that they will go away.

Just another day with fibromyalgia! In just a moment's notice, everything changes!

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