Sunday, July 8, 2012


It's been 2weeks since Hubby & I started on our no pasta, no bread & no simple sugars way of eating. I'm surprised, it hasn't been as hard as I imagined. I have more energy & feel less foggy brained.

The first week, I did cardio in the pool at the hotel as we were traveling with Hubby. This past week I have been walking 2-4 miles a day. I'm loving the walking. I just wish it wasn't so hot out. It's been over 100 almost every day for past 2 weeks.

I've lost 10 pounds! My blood pressure has dropped. In fact, we had to back down one of my BP meds as my body likes this exercise so much. I also have less heartburn.

So that's my update. It is hard, but it is so worth it!