Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is this really just Fibromyalgia?

Do you ever wonder if your symptoms are really all just tied to your fibromyalgia? Or is there something more serious going on that is going undiagnosed because everyone just tells you it's the fibro?

We just went swimming. I was doing good. In fact, the water was very warm & really loosened up my muscles.  I was feeling really good. The air in the pool area was cool as they have a window open to try & even out the humidity in the pool area. I got out & dried off. As I was standing & waiting on Hubby & kids to dry off, I got a sudden wave of tingling in my feet & lower legs. I had to sit down because it was so intense.

As I walked to the room, I felt like my legs & feet were asleep. 10 minutes has past & they are still tingling. Why? Is this just a fibromyalgia symptom? It is listed as one & I've experienced it before. But it also can be a sign of more serious problems like diabetes, stroke or MS. So do I just chalk it up as another fibromyalgia symptom or do I be more concerned? Do I need to call my doctor? Or do I just wait for it to pass & go on?

Fibromyalgia stinks because it can mimic other diseases & syndromes. It stinks because it can hid more serious health issues. It stinks because it plays with your mind. It makes you paranoid that something more serious is going on & at the same time makes you feel like it's all in your head...

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