Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still no diagnosis!

Well, my appointments have come & gone. I'm fighting a headache. I'm not sure if it's weather, stress or hormone related, maybe all 3. Time to rest, but first I want to update y'all on what's new.

I saw the neurologist on Tuesday. Based on my symptoms, it's looking like I have a couple of different things going on possibly. So, I have to have a Spinal Tap on 4/23 & I'm also having a nerve conduction test on 5/4.

Then I saw a rheumatologist today. He did confirm that I have Raynaud's Phenomenon (feet/hands turn blue when cold). He is running a whole slew of lab tests & also referred me to a dermatologist for rash on my face.

The good news from the week is that I love my team of doctors! They are committed to finding out what all is going on with me & are wanting to know what my other doctors are doing.

The bad news is I still don't know for sure what is going on. And the things they are testing for/suspecting are pretty scary. I'm being tested for Neuropathy in hands/feet, MS(Multiple Sclerosis) & Lupus.

I know that whether it is 1 or all of these, God will carry me through. I've seen God's Faithfulness time & time again as I dealt with a heart arrhythmia & fibromyalgia. I know He won't fail me now!

I am also blessed with a wonderful Hubby who will be by my side no matter what we have to face. I'm blessed with 3 great kids who love me & are great helpers. I have awesome parents & in-laws who love me & help me when needed.

I am also blessed with tons of family, church family & friends who will pray for me, encourage me & help out where needed.

So although the future looks scary, I know I'm gonna be alright!

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