Monday, March 19, 2012

What if it's not JUST fibromyalgia?

I saw the doctor today. I love my doctor. He listens to me! He agreed that my symptoms were worrisome. He did think it was more than just fibromyalgia.

So, I'm scheduled for a brain MRI with & without contrast on Wednesday. I also had 5 big vials of blood taken for 12 different tests. And I got diagnosed with Raynaud Phenomenon & Allergic Rhinitis.

Today was a busy day & I pushed thoughts of what all this means out of my head. That was until I was driving to a play date. I felt scared & overwhelmed. To make it worse, the person I'd talk all this out with is out of town. Hubby's out of town till Friday night.

When I got home tonight I went through the tests. My doctor is being thorough. He's doing all the standard tests plus 3 thyroid tests. He's also doing the standard autoimmune tests like CBC, Creatine Kinase, ANA & Rheumatoid Factor.

I'm really glad he's checking all this. I need to know if it's more than Fibromyalgia. I'm trying not to think of all it could be (MS, Lupus, etc...). Instead I'm trying to rest in the fact that none of this surprises God! He has plans for me that I can't comprehend right now. I KNOW God has carried me through almost 42 years of life! He's seen me through happy times, sad times, troubled times, joyous times, painful times & yes, even scary times. God is faithful! I know that even if it ends up as a really bad diagnosis, it is all in His hands. And through any & all of this, I will trust God to work this all out for good & use it to bring Glory to Himself.

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