Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nerve issues

Seems like every time I post, I'm struggling! This post is no exception. Of all the symptoms I deal with, the nerve issues are the worst. The numbness, tingling, pin prickles, creepy crawlies & burning sensations are so "unnerving"! I've dealt with them in my legs due to pinched nerves or in my hand due to carpal tunnel.

But these body wide sensations are driving me insane. There is nothing I can do but endure them! Not only do the sensations bother me, but all the "what is wrong with me" thoughts... This has to be more than fibromyalgia!

So I'm biding my time till Hubby's new insurance kicks in. I'm praying I don't go insane! I'm praying that some totally worse symptom doesn't kick in, especially when it's just me & kids at home. I push through... It's all you can do!

I keep reminding myself that NONE of this is a surprise to God! He knows exactly what is going on with my body. I cling to the fact that this body is not forever! One glorious day, I will have a new, perfect body just the way God intended. I yearn for that day, but until then, I keep clinging to Jesus! He carries me through! He endured far worse pain than I when He was beaten & bruised & killed for my sin! He sympathizes with me & comforts me! Praise God!

So I carry on! I endure this thorn & look forward to the future!

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  1. Lea, I am so there with you. I keep thinking there is something I'm doing wrong, or not getting quickly enough. It's a response to the conditioning of punishment as a child, I am sure -- if I do the right thing, or don't do the wrong thing, the pain will go away. But God does not operate that way, and that is a difficult thing to remember. Everything is for His glory! Let me know what you find out -- if anything. sometimes waiting for a diagnosis is worse than the pain! Laura