Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I overdid again!

Seems like this is the most frequent phrase out of my mouth recently. Anything I do ends up being too much!


Sorting Legos, too much! Washing dishes, too much! Doing laundry, too much! Cleaning kitchen, too much! So do I sit around & just do nothing? Turns out that even that seems to leave me hurting.


So today I decided to push myself & see if mowing puts me out of commission. My son helped some, but I did the majority of our yard myself. I'm pretty achy right now but I'm not sure if it is more than usual. So now we wait and see...


If it's no more than usual, then I will continue pushing myself. If it's more than usual, then I know I need to back off & quit trying to do myself in.


In other news, I've been reading lots of research & watching videos about research about fibromyalgia. I've said for a long time that I feel like my nervous system has gone haywire. Guess what? Research is showing just that! People with fibromyalgia have a faulty nervous system. We have increased pain receptors (Substance P). It also seems we don't release endorphins like normal people do. We never get that "runner's high" instead we only feel the pain. Also our pain receptors respond to normal stimuli like it's excruciating!


Another theory I find interesting is that some people think that fibromyalgia is just a light version of MS. It's estimated that about 1/3 of those with fibromyalgia go on to be diagnosed with MS.

Some of the articles I've been reading:
















  1. So can you take anything to help the endorphins?

  2. The research in this area is fairly new, but there seems to be a couple of promising older meds that may help. One med is an opioid addiction drug that taken in very low doses seems to help increase serotonin production.

    I'm just excited to see real evidence of fibromyalgia.